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Assistant Web Developer
New York, NY
May 2015 -- August 2015
  • Developed the user interface for the new booking engine.
  • Part of a small development team (2 individuals) that creates all of the site's content.
  • Worked on front-end using HTML, CSS (with no framework), and JavaScript (with JQuery).
Undergraduate Research Program
IBEIS Developer
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
September 2015 -- Present
  • IBEIS stands for Information Based Ecological Information System.
  • Developing a web based interface as well as a reconfigurable mobile application for the input of metadata.
  • Adding species to the list of identifiable species.
  • Described in more detail in project section.
Rensselaer Center for Open Source (RCOS)
Mentor and Developer
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
January 2014 -- Present
  • Mentor: Oversee the development of open source software in RCOS, using experience to guide teams to be more efficient and motivated.
  • Table Tome: The project that I have spent most of my time in RCOS working on. Described in the project section.
  • Image Based Ecological Information System: Part of my time working on IBEIS was not as an undergraduate researcher, but as an RCOS member. I worked on the Great Zebra Count interface, an application that was used to interface between the public and IBEIS during the Great Zebra Count in Nairobi National Park in Kenya during March, 2015.
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Bachelor of Science: Computer Science
Expected May 2016
GPA: 3.47

All coursework listed is that which pertains to computer science.

  • Completed Coursework
    • Data Structures \ Fall 2013
    • Computer Organization \ Spring 2014
    • Foundations of Computer Science \ Spring 2014
    • Algorithms \ Fall 2014
    • Principles of Software \ Fall 2014
    • Operating Systems \ Fall 2014
    • Advanced Computer Graphics \ Spring 2015
    • Programming Languages \ Spring 2015
    • Database Structures \ Spring 2015
    • Computational Vision \ Spring 2015
  • Current Coursework
    • Networking Laboratory 1 \ Fall 2015
Poolesville High School
High School Diploma
SCMS Magnet Program Graduate
Graduated May 2013
GPA: ~3.63
  • Completed Science, Mathematics, and Computer Science magnet program
    • Research project as a summer intern at the National Institute for Standards and Technology
      • Wrote professional research paper
      • Designed and presented a poster
      • Completed an oral presentation to high school student body
More Experience
  • HTML / CSS ... bootstrap, skeleton
  • JavaScript ... node, express, angular, jquery
  • Python ... opencv, matplotlib, pyqt, numpy
  • Git ... i love this model
Less Experience
  • C++ ... opengl
  • C
  • Java
  • LaTeX
Image Based Ecological Information System (IBEIS)

IBEIS is a program for the storage and management of images and derived data for use in computer vision algorithms. It aims to compute who an animal is, what species an animal is, and where an animal is with the ultimate goal being to ask important why biological questions.
I am contributing to the development of a new web based interface to replace the current PyQt interface. The current interface is very developer centric, and difficult for the average researcher to use. The new interface is being built using a full javascript stack (nodejs, express, angularjs, and mongodb).
I am also working on expanding the list of species that the IBEIS identification algorithms function for to turtles and cheetahs.

Github (IBEIS Web) Github (IBEIS Core)
Table Tome

Table Tome is an open source Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Toolbox. Its current features include a filterable and searchable spellbook table, as well as the ability to create lists of spells as a user. It uses a full javascript stack with Nodejs and Express on the backend, a Mongodb database, and Angularjs on the frontend.
I started this project in RCOS during the Spring semester of 2015 with a few friends, and have been developing and moderating it ever since.

Github Website
Great Zebra Count

The Great Zebra Count was an event where civilians had the opportunity to help scientists count the zebra and giraffe populations in Nairobi National Park at the beginning of March, 2015. I worked with the IBEIS team to develop a GUI for the transfer of images from the civilians cameras to IBEIS for computation, and hard drives for storage.

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